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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little Molehill

Weekly weigh in gone wrong! Up from my goal weight..... Oh how I relaxed a bit too much (curses to cuisine to go delivery and the creator)....but no worries I am back on track today. I have a very pleasant short term goal...the beach for (a kid free) memorial day/birthday weekend . The bathing suit is hanging on my mirror in the bedroom almost smirking at me. I do have a "back up" tankini. I never thought I would even own a tankini and now I think ......will I ever be able to put a two piece on again? Love the children but boy do they completely change your body! I will not set myself up for failure and I will be happy with myself. Remember life is about being able to be confident, sexy and sure of yourself both inside and out-even if you do not reach your weight and health related goals. So until then I will use my trusty food journal and write away. Remember people who write down what they eat and drink EVERY DAY will lose TWICE as much weight as dieters who don't. Another tool to get to my short term goal...bottled water in my hand 24/7, sipping before and after meals and all the times in between.

I've had a bowl of fruit out all this week as a household experiment. I put two pieces of fruit per person and older child on the table to see if people were eating their servings daily. Day 1 and 2 I saw a little dent in the bowel but by Monday of this week the bowl has been empty! Word to the wise: stick with apples, pears, oranges and bananas as they hold up a bit better at room temperature.


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