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Monday, October 26, 2015

When You Get Knocked Off Your Routine

A few situations usually throw people’s eating habits out the window. Weekends, traveling and sickness are known diet sabotagers. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten hit by of them the past three weeks. In that time frame, I ran with my 5 and 6 year old girls for their first 5K, a 10 mile Tough Mudder with amazing patients, and celebrated birthdays with my siblings at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival (can you guess which one was way more fun than the others?).

The sickness lasted 2 ½ weeks and prevented me from my typical workouts, which completely affect me both physically and emotionally. Exercise allows me (and you!) to maintain my weight, feel confident, and have that occasional class of wine and sweet. Thankfully, I painfully logged my eating on which increased my awareness to eat more veggies or fruits. A simple task of logging my meals on the phone kept me honest during times that would normally sabotage me.

Of course I didn’t log during Epcot’s Wine and Food Festival, but chose mostly lean protein, fish and vegetable dishes. The portions were all small about 2 oz. I did have dessert in France, and it was worth it! The entire night was delicious, fun and we managed to walk over 7 miles! The next day, logging began (thanks to the reminder on my phone!). Meals were focused around vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. Once you make the decision to make healthy choices and execute it, it gets easier. You feel better (and look better). Airport eating was not difficult, I found Starbucks to be a great place for coffee with only skim milk, hard boiled eggs and fresh fruit.

Being around family, who love you and know you best, wasn’t difficult. My brother and his family are healthy eaters, who focus on local, organic cuisine. However, there were quite a few situations that involved “you have to try this” “just have a bite” and I was able to politely decline with a smile. I will stick with chocolate mouse from France, thank you!

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Every day. Food and drink are often part of that enjoyment. Finding balance when you are out of your routine eating, traveling, or visiting family is hard but definitely doable when you have a plan and set goals. Remind yourself why you exercise and eat healthy. Remember how you feel when you don’t hit your health goals. I hope you enjoy the food pictures from “around the world”. If you always wanted to explore different cuisine from various regions, Epcot’s Wine and Food Festival I would not miss! Happy Birthday Shawn and Tracey my favorite foodie family!


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