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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hobbies and time for yourself

Has anyone ever asked you your hobby? Do you have one? Finding time to do something that you genuinely enjoy and brings you happiness is important for your health and your waistline. Taking time for yourself may decrease your stress levels and decrease your attention on food. Studies show people who do "something" for themselves are happy and healthier than those who do not. So what's your something? Or as my friend used to say, "what's your verb?".

When I get this question I say nutrition. Yes the science of nutrition makes me happy and I enjoy it! Recently, I attended the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics national conference. At this (kidless!) event I networked with amazing nutrition professionals, observed delicious food demonstrations, and attended informative lectures. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to be so lucky to have the opportunity to help people improve and maintain their health. When you lose weight, decrease your cholesterol, lower your glucose levels, or are actively moving more....I win too! What made this conference even more special was it was so motivating to hear patients weight loss stories. I heard countless stories of people losing 45 pounds or more and they are still going! YOU can do it too! There were factors that enabled better success:
1) Having a support system (hello Wellness Wednesday's at,
2) w=Wear a pedometer,
3) Ate at home 4 or more times per week (and I don't mean take out people),
4) Made at least 3 people smile a day (image that you smile at someone and they smile back)
5) Weighed themselves weekly or by a health professional like a Registered Dietitian ( click on find a dietitian for one in your 'hood)

So there you go small steps lead to big changes! Keep it up and if you have been slacking get to it! We are here if you need the support or expertise!


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