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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So over summer

I set a goal for myself "by May I will work on strengthening my core (aka rock hard abs) and feel good about myself." I wrote out a plan in December and worked HARD at it 4 hours a week taking different classes, eating healthy and balanced and logging what I ate. The end result: a happy confident person by May. The problem? I had way too much unplanned fun, new office, major stresses of selling a house (a tree fell on our home two hours before settlement!) and relocating to a different area. The real problem? A weight and body fat percentage I haven't seen since post pregnancy (yikes!).  What I found out about myself is that I am an emotional eater, boredom eater, and apparently a stress eater! I also didn't have good social support as my two best girlfriends moved away and my husband joined in the stress eating (he brought twizzlers home weekly).

So let summer wind down and the fall schedule hit me! I am excited to have my routine back, but that does not mean I'm delaying the new challenge.  Back on logging what I eat, eating for health, and being active DAILY. I took a picture of myself (not a flattering pic!) as a reminder of what hectic non cardio non strength training emotional/stress eating accomplishes! Let this be my forever reminder! In the back of the picture I write how I feel: low self esteem, lazy, uncomfortable and unhappy. I will not allow my emotions and life events effect my health! We work way to hard in life and we do need to enjoy it, however I want to be strong and able to enjoy my life and others for many many years!


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