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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls (and chocolate)

While I am extremely happy to have my two little girls, I am frustrated with the "bulge" the newest one has given me. It has been difficult to go to the beach and strut (not quite a strut more like a fast walk back to my beach chair) my stuff along the sand. It's okay because it's a reminder I need to move more and WRITE down EVERYTHING I eat and drink. It's so easy to forget what you eat everyday. I do allow myself a few dark chocolate 1 oz pieces (it's an antioxidant!), but I need to remember to put the trail mix away (yes it's full of healthy fats like peanuts but holy calories!). So this week, I will try a new On Demand video and find my inner Jillian Michaels. Eat less, do more this week!


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