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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Join us for Wellness Wednesdays

NEW! Join us for Wellness Wednesdays, starting February 16th 7-8 PM.

Get the help and support you need to LOSE WEIGHT! Program includes:

Healthy bites & recipes by a Registered Dietitian
Nutrition information for busy people
Weekly weigh ins
Fun fitness sessions
A supportive, non-judgmental environment
Covered by most health plans. Program costs $59.95 per month.

Surviving Super Bowl

Well it's not the team Philly fans wanted, but it is still the Super Bowl. Fun parties, friends, the Wing Bowl, and good food! Personally, I only follow Downingtown Football :-) but I still love a good food spread! But what if you are trying to lose weight or maintaining your weight like your truly? Here are some tricks and tips to get you and me through the big day:

1) Focus on the people, the game, the commercials, not the food. Remember the main reason why you are there. Is there someone you haven''t seen in a while? Enjoy the conversation, practice your listening skills! Help clean up, entertain the kids, anything but eat!

2) Eat a large snack or meal balanced with fruit and protein (think apple or cheese stick or a small bowl of oatmeal and fruit) BEFORE you go. You will not be starving, so you won't help yourself to a heaping plate.

3) Grab the smaller dish, think saucer size. It will limit your portions and cut way more calories.

4) Bring a "safe" dish. Bring veggies and a low fat dip, fruit tray, diet beverages, salsa with veggies and whole grain tortillas, a veggie side tray, etc. You will know its not loaded in calories and fat and all are low fat and low calorie.

5) Yes have wings, if that's your thing, but only a few. Remember the plate method? Your meat portion should be 1/4 the plate and if you are using a smaller plate, you will be okay. Load half the plate with fruits and veggies and the other quarter with a grain/starch (chips do NOT count in this section!)

6) Drink water. It will allow you to always have something in your hand that you can "OD" on. If you are drinking, alternate between your drink and water. Just remember the more alcohol you drink the more likely you will mindlessly snack. That can lead to 500 to 1200 EXTRA calories of mindless eating!

7) Workout TODAY and the day before to rev up your metabolism. You will most likely over eat more than you usually would, so plan for it!

You've been working hard at that waistline. Do not let wings, beer, spinach dip, chips, and potato salads ruin that! Remember the long term goal...You slimmer and healthier! FYI-for my diabetics, super bowel eating can really affect your blood sugars. Remember to try and eat consistently, like you do during the week day, it will help to maintain your blood sugars.



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