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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miss B's Birthday Celebration

A night out, no children and a babysitter all lined up. Yes we did it, we got out of romper room and went OUT for dinner! The spot... Maggiano's! What is so exciting is that every time I have eaten there I was a poor college/grad student. This time I actually had money to order an entree! So I planned my meal and calories ahead of time (which I thought of as I worked that treadmill, especially the cake and wine). Then, I worked out a bit more than usual (15 minutes more) TWO days before, ONE Day before and THE Day of so I can enjoy gnocchi as an appetizer, 1/2 the Tilapia meal, 1/4 birthday cake and two glasses of wine (sounds nice right!). I was so prepared and ready to feast! Unfortunately, just as it happens in life, it did not go as I planned.

The company was great, a great opportunity to focus on the conversation and not the bread at the table. Then, disaster. The waiter told me gnocchi does not come as an appetizer. What? Is this not an Italian restaurant? So I asked nicely AGAIN. Sorry it is not an appetizer. Okay, well give it to me as an appetizer, but just half and package the rest. Ok he said (well mumbled). I had my heart set on gnocchi, you know how you think of something and then you have to have it...well that gnocchi had my name all over it!

So it comes, not packaged in half and I ate the whole thing (shared maybe 4 tablespoons..maybe). Then I did the rest as I said. THEN, the waiter brings us an entire gnocchi to go with the check and says they are running a special. But that's fine I will divide, freeze and conquer again at home! Later, I calculated what I ate (because I'm not going to go completely off the wagon after all my hard work) and holy cow! The gnocchi was 1,870 calories (70 calories over my DAY'S worth of calories to maintain my weight), 51 grams of total fat (100% of my total fat allowance) and 137 grams of carbohydrates (that's like eating 9 pieces of white bread!). The extra calories have been the thick tomato vodka sauce, which was really high in calories. So I topped the night (one meal) with 2,560 calories after the wine, tilapia and dessert. It made me sick to my stomach. Was it worth it...oh yes...would I have done it differently again, yes. Maybe one glass of wine less and skipped the cake (it wasn't that gone anyway, the coffee was fab though). The gnocchi, I should have just left half or asked for the to go package and divided it in half myself. Sitting in front of me, that heavenly pasta dish, was beyond my will power not to eat it. Well I worked out the next day and went swimming with my little one (who loved it) so I am back on track (and a rock star in my almost 3 year old's eyes because I took her swimming).

Moral of the story: You can go out but you can't plan it all out, life does happen. Make corrective action as needed, motivate yourself to do it. It may be hanging up that bathing suit on the bathroom mirror or putting an "old" picture of your slimmer self on the fridge. Whatever it is that motivates you, find it and use it! Go girl go!


The Dieting Dietitian

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What does my pedometer read

Snow day = 2 sick kids at home + 1 husband. What is not in this equation is exercise or movement! I just checked my pedometer and I didn't even get to 5,000 steps! That's horrible and disappointing. The goal is to at least get to 6,000 steps for weight maintenance and 10,000 steps a day for weight loss. I didn't even hit it in the middle. To top it off, my oldest convinced me to make cupcakes (the size of your thumb-how is that for portion size), but I shoveled in a handful without even tasting it. I'm thankful for NOT keeping any tempting goodies in the house (i.e. chocolate, cookies, candy, did I say chocolate?), because I would have eaten them all! It was that kind of day, off of my schedule, chaos, and stuck in the house. For future snow days, I will plan more activities that involve movement, (think dance contest and Wi Fit!), when we are all stuck in the house. Yes shoveling counts too, but the husband accomplished this (did I mention he lost over 20 pounds since December! Thank you Dietitian wife :-) However it was his motivation that really kicked him into gear).

1) I did try to stick to smaller portions
2) I tracked my activity (hey at least I knew I didn't burn any calories today)\
3) There was no "junk" in the house.
4) I'm able to reflect I need to do more and I WILL DO IT!

YOU WILL DO IT TOO! Be positive and remember tomorrow is a new day, full of possibility and challenges. Remind yourself you are strong and confident. You can reach your goals too, just keep going!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Start

Happy New Year everyone! I love this time a year, it reminds me when I was in school and there was a new marking period and another opportunity to start all over again and earn an A. Now is our time to earn an A! Forget the holidays and what happened (notice how I didn't blog) and start living your life healthy (again!). I'm starting my morning with 6 ounces of Wegman's pre/probiotic stawberry yogurt with 1 tablespoon of flaxseed and a banana and feel GOOD! The 10 ounces of chocolate flavored coffee (no calories!) helped me with my extra boost and was a fabulous antioxidant! So bring on this year, it is OUR year!

For all of my FABULOUS clients the New Year is filling up so call (484-680-5366) or email ( to schedule your appointment to get back on always no judgement, just pure motivation, support, and some amazing tips to kickstart your fabulous year!

The Dieting Dietitian