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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plan Plan Plan

This week has been FABULOUS! Most mornings I've been able to get my core workout in and at least twice I was able to make it to the gym, right along with my exercise goal. Packing my lunches and planning my meals has been another key to my success. Planning is so important when trying to lose weight. Having a planned snack or meal, of which is nutrient dense and low calorie, is like having weapons to weight loss. On the "party table" at work, were dark chocolate covered nuts and a carmel popcorn tub, unnecessary calories in my day. Yes I could of had a few and be fine, but a few tastes could of driven me to handfuls later in the day. Best to avoid the "party table" and go for my planned snacks (low-fat mozzarella cheese stick and Triscuits-very filling, high in fiber and calcium).

This morning I went grocery shopping and planned my families meals for next two weeks. Again planning enables me to know my caloric intake and saves on my groceries. Allowing for nights out and ordering in , also allows freedom in choices and allows me to feel like I'm "cheating" on my diet without over doing it! (If anyone wants to see the 2 week menu, let me know I'd be happy to share!).

Tonight on the menu we are having a winter picnic. Santa brought my hubby a grill so we are cooking pineapple slices and turkey sliders (instead of burgers, smaller portions) on toasted whole grain sliders. Condiments include avocado and sweet potato fries. Dessert includes soaked watermelon balls in sweet liqueur (just a little for taste). A fun mix to our winter menu and super easy to put together.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tales of a Dieting Dietitian

Yes dietitians diet too.

Yes it is difficult for us too.

Yes I hate exercise.

Yes I love food...all food and I do not discriminate.

My new baby girl is 10 weeks old and I have not reached my exercise goals. I'm not going to cry a river about it and I'm not going to put myself down. I am going to get back on the wagon and continue this journey. My exercise routine has greatly changed since my oldest one, Molly, became a toddler. I used to hit the treadmill for a nice long run, than the mat for a series of crunches and last the sauna for some chill time-then I had children. Now it consists of Comcast On Demand Exercise TV in the morning for the 22 minute core workout (that is if Molly has jumped on me trying to plane airplane or using my weights as balls-ouch!). In the afternoon we put on some music and dance for a good 20 minutes. Hey it's exercise and I get some quality fun time with my kids. The newbie Annie gets a kick out of it too. Making time for exercise is a REQUIREMENT for weight loss. You have to move it to lose it, enough said.

Goals for tomorrow:

1) I will do the 22 minute core (after my coffee of course) by 9 am.

2) 20 minute walk with the girls, if weather permits, if not we are going to the mall to do it (and leaving my wallet in the car so I can't buy anything from the food court AND packing water and carrots as snacks for us).

3) Take 30 minutes for myself to relax and read Cooking Light-stress adds pounds too!


Jennifer The Dieting Dietitian