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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Left over quinoa and bananas

Have you ever made quinoa and it tripled in portions? Stuck with my leftover quinoa, I got creative. Take small portabella mushrooms, a red onion, a yellow pepper and add chopped to quinoa. You can toss this cold over arugula, spinach or kale for a quick and filling lunch.

My fav was tonight I took Boston lettuce leaves, refried vegetarian beans, the quinoa mix and topped with Giant brand mango salsa (super low calorie...great with cucumbers). The pic below made 3 wraps which was under 300 calories, 2 carbohydrate exchanges and 1 1/2 oz of lean protein. Pics of food found at 

We needed something creamy, cold and sweet so we added 1 frozen banana, 1/3 sheet whole grain graham cracker and blended until creamy, topped with 1 tsp dark chocolate syrup (140 calories of basically fruit!). I challenge you to add peanut butter and try other fruits with this fab dessert! Pioics of food at


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