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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Too funny not to share

Some very creative students at WCU, can't wait to see their work when they start their careers. Way to go!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wow you have a tire

This past month has been quite the adventure for me! I've done an extensive amount of traveling and had many opportunities to dine out. Unfortunately, I have not balanced my activity levels with my eating intake. As a result, I have gained about 8pounds (in 1 month)! I am disappointed in myself as I have been working really hard, just to blow it in 1 month. The situation I'm in reminds how easy it is to get off track of being healthy, especially when your routine is disrupted. The worst part is I knew I was gaining weight, but when I read the menu of a new restaurant, my mouth salivated over vanilla crusted mahi mahi with lightly pan fried spinach and potatoes, fried tropical calamari, Baja fish tacos, mango shrimp, every wine you can imagine, and flat bread pizzas in real brick ovens. So yes indulged in appetizers (a few too many of these), entrees (the entire dish plus a few bites from everyone elses), drinks, and snacks (lots of trail mix, crackers and cheese). So I gave in. Too be honest, I still went for walks and did a 15 to 20 minute core and strength training routine. I didn't over do it on desserts either. I just REALLY enjoyed my meals, which goes to show how easy it is to go over your calorie needs for the day! Sticking to portion size really makes the difference in controlling your calories. So what (or who) kicked me in the head to make me aware of my actions? Well, this week I was with 2 people that know me well and are very honest with me, my brother and my close colleague. My brother says what's up with the tire, as he points to my belly. Okay that made me feel bad about myself. The next day, my colleague says wow I haven't seen you with a belly like that since you had a baby! Okay now I really feel bad about myself and embarrassed. Hello aren't I the food and weight loss expert and I have a "tire"? So thanks to some honest and loving criticism I'm back on track (still not on routine yet....still traveling). Sneakers and workout gear (including rubber bands, I can use them in the hotel room) are in my bag. I'm going to encourage my colleagues to walk with me and discourage dessert so I have some buddies in this process. And the food journal is back! I'm writing everything I eat and drink down in a little book with the portion sizes. It has made a difference and held me back from that extra evening snack (which of course is where many of my extra calories come from!).

People carry their weight gain in different places: butts, hips, chest (Hi can I have some here too!), thighs, face, and belly. In reality, weight is distributed evenly it's just where you notice it the most. In my case I look like I'm 5 months pregnant. So back in the game and getting rid of that tire! Thanks to my family and friends for some tough love and snapping me back in reality. I highly suggest surrounding yourself with people who can tell you like it is!

P.S. Love you Terry and Shawn!


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