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Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm not going to lie I fell off the wagon

I had straight rock star eating healthy status right until about 3 weeks after my last post and then....summer hit. My husband was home, which completely destroyed my routine. The workouts shortened and the snacking increased.....the outcome 8 pounds more than what I started the summer being! I'm sad and mad at myself for letting this happen. How easy is it to gain weight and how hard is to lose weight! So true right? However, back "on the wagon" started last Monday and I'm doing really good.

So what picked me up from my crusade of overeating and lack of exercise? A benefit 5K for my cousin. Anthony, my 5 year old cousin, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and his parents had a benefit at the Detroit Warrior 5K Dash. (Here's his story if you are interested at My brother and I flew into Detroit, obviously not in that good of shape, especially when we realized we had to climb up stacked cars, run through mud, jump over fire, crawl under barb wire, and climb up Marine walls and ropes! Right before our 3:30 p.m. heat goes off, the announcer blasts its the hottest day in Detroit history. Lovely. I asked my older brother what he did to train and he said Jillian Michael's. My brother is over 6 feet tall and very thick. It made me chuckle thinking of him kicking his legs and shaking his hips with Jillian. So right before the horn blew for our heat I knew we were in trouble. We were with 75 runners at the start. Some were dressed up like Richard Simmons, ballerina dancers, and warriors. We were rocking neon green Anthony's Army T-shirts (so were over 200 supportive friends and family). A mile in, my brother kept saying he didn't realize were were going to be running in sand. I was cramping from the all the water I drank before the heat. We started walking...a bit embarrassing, especially as grown men in tutu's ran past us. Then we got to the crazy obstacles. One of them was a plastic tent to the ground which was pitch dark and hot (remember record hot day?). We had to crawl like we were in the army. The women ahead of me starting freaking out so I just pushed her out of the tent for about 20 feet. When we climbed our last wall we saw the finish line and saw the light! I was sore for two days afterwards and my brother still thinks he broke his finger.

It was so worth it. Once I realized I could do that (especially since my 5 year old cousin was battling just to walk), I knew I can get back on track. I've been running 4 miles almost every day and doing core/upper exercises (Thank you Trainer Tiffany at Downingtown Nutrition!). The best part of being on week 2...the strength I feel compared to last week (okay the scale looks alot nicer too). Pretty simple analogy: move more, eat less or more alot more, and eat normal (aka healthy with the occasionally splurge).

The first week on my new plan I tried 1,000 calories which didn't work when I was working out for one hour. I felt deprived and ended up eating more calories than what my body needed (which was about 1,200 calories to get to my weight goal, but when I was not allowing my self more than a 1,000 I ended up eating almost 2000 calories!).

Moral of the story: Do not be too restrictive counting calories, but make sure you have fruits and vegetables (dark leafy greens especially) with every meal and when you snack make sure it's portion controlled. Hey I'm at the beach right now and yes I still had my favorite red shoe string licorice and Grotto's pizza. And yes I ran 4 miles and did Trainer Tiffany's "Beach Body" work out. And yes I waited until the 2 and 3 year old were asleep!

It can be done, just set your mind to do it! Hey if you need inspiration, there's always the Warrior Dash :)