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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sometimes you just have to breathe

Happy Spring! 

For us Northeasters it has been the winter that killed healthy eating and exercise routines everywhere!  If you didn't meet you health goals, MOVE ON! Sometimes you just have to breathe, accept the past and grow with the future.  This  past year has brought on difficult challenges (fractured back, cancer, and a new home-of which I am recovered and healthy now!).  While I had times where eating healthy didn't matter (hello Twix, Twizzlers and pretzel bags), I learned that keeping an exercise routine kept me sane (even if it was the physical therapy stretches three times a day). Over time, I found I became stronger and can do more physical activity.  It was like starting from scratch in terms of exercise, but I kept with it, tracked my progress and reminded myself to breathe. Even when I felt like my body failed me, I used daily reminders to stay focused.  My favorite was keeping a dry erase marker on bedroom mirror and keeping motivational quotes or even simple ones (you are beautiful, smile, small steps lead to giant leaps, etc).  It was  great way to remind myself weight is just a number and I can count successes in other ways (I ran 3 miles in fabulous time)!

I'm loving the great weather this past few weeks and find it a great opportunity to walk outside.  Don't have a buddy to walk with?  Join us on Thursdays from 7-8 p.m. we have started "Walk and Talk" . A fun and inexpensive program that will keep you accountable to your health goals and keep you moving!  Call us to register!

I'm still trying to get back to my target weight, but have learned that I'm stronger than that number.  I can do a plank for over 3 minutes....never could do that before!  STRENGTH = HEALTH


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